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Typing Games for Kids

Typing has become a critical skill to learn as computers are now central to our daily lives for school, work, and virtually all types of communication. Whether you choose to type the traditional way with your fingers on the asdf and jkl; keys or have a method of your own, you need to practice your typing skills. Typing games help you learn the feel of the keys and learn where every key is located. They also offer an entertaining, interactive way to build your speed and accuracy. The more you type, the faster and more accurate you will be when it comes to typing essays, e-mail, blogs, status updates and whatever else you need to communicate.

Typing Tests

Simply timing how fast you can type makes building typing skills more enjoyable. Track your progress by taking regular typing tests and seeing if you have improved. Set goals for yourself and use a test to determine whether you have reached them. Pit your typing skills against your peers’ and see who is the fastest typist in the class.

  • Typing Speed Test – Typing is not only about speed, it is also about accuracy. This test measures both.
  • Typeracer – Enter a typing race with typists from all over the world or start a private chat and compete against your friends to determine who is the fastest typist.
  • Typing Test – Test your typing skills over and over again with short passages that measuring your typing speed.
  • Good Typing – Type the passage and see if you can earn the distinction of one of the fastest typists.
  • Rank My Typing – The average 13-year-old types 23 words per minute. See where you rank among other typists your age by taking a single player or multiplayer typing test.
  • Ten Thumbs Typing Test – Ten Thumbs Typing Test uses Vikings, Shakespeare and princesses to test your typing skills. Don’t do well? Use the free demo to improve your typing ability.

Interactive Exercises

Interactive typing exercises teach you to type using unique scenarios and entertaining characters. Unlike a typing test, it is okay if you do not get it right the first time. These interactive exercises break down typing skills and help you build your skills piece by piece while still allowing you to play little games and have fun.

  • Typing Web – Free, interactive typing lessons appeal to typists of all different ages and skill levels, making it easy for anyone to learn to type.
  • Peter’s Online Typing Course – Designed for hunt and peckers, these lessons help you learn to type with all your fingers.
  • Typing Exercise – Type a letter and another immediately appears. The simple exercise helps you learn how to quickly find the keys you need.
  • Typing Pal – Start with just two or three letters at a time, then move on to typing longer strings of letters as you build your skills.
  • Nimble Fingers – Stretch those fingers and improve your dexterity with simple typing exercises designed to improve your coordination.

Typing Fun

Typing is not limited to typing asdf or hjkl; over and over again. With typing games, you can test your knowledge of key placement and speed while trying to complete tasks or beat your friends. Some games test specific typing skills, while others test your overall ability to move your fingers around the keys.

  • Dance Mat Typing – Let your fingers dance through the 12 stages of this interactive dancing game that helps build typing skills.
  • Alpha Munchies – Keep critters from eating your lunch by quickly typing letters. Accuracy levels are shown at the end.
  • Typing Tidepool – As you type the letters in red correctly, the dolphin swims. The faster and more accurate you are, the faster he’ll go.
  • Typer Shark – Use your typing skills to engage in a deep sea adventure and defend your ship.
  • Type Me – The more letters you type correctly in this game, the more letters you save from falling.
  • Typing Challenge – Give your fingers a workout by typing phrases that utilize all of the keys. Try it multiple times to see if you get any faster.
  • Keyboard Ninja – Become a full-fledged keyboard ninja by using your typing skills to slice fruit and avoid bombs.
  • Type Toss – Words are used to knock down targets. The more words you type in 60 seconds, the more targets you take out.
  • Spider Typer – Chameleons are out to eat Berry the hairy spider, but typing the words on the back of the chameleons keeps the spider away.
  • Cup Stacking – Cup stacking takes on a different form, use your typing skills to stack and unstack the cups.
  • Englishtype Junior – Go through the interactive typing lessons and then play a game after each lesson to test the specific skills.

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